June 1967. Nine Israeli soldiers traveling in the Sinai on three light tanks during the Six Days War somehow find themselves cast back 25 years in the past, facing the Panzers of Feldmarschal Erwin Rommel on the sands of the Egyptian desert. Possibly a “wormhole” or a tear in the fabric of spacetime has brought them back to October 1942, where the men of the Afrika Korps are withdrawing after the defeat of El Alamein. But the tankmen are not content with their role of observers. With the help of two Israeli pilots also arrived from 1967 along with their supersonic Mirage jets they heavily interfere with historical events that occurred before they were born. The result is cataclysmic. When a specular accident brings them back to 1967, they discover that everything is changed, that the world is no longer the one they left. Israel no longer exists, or rather never existed. The balance of power on Earth has changed, power relations among nations are completely different from the ones they remember. But it is the changes to their personal situation that is the greatest nightmare. They have unwittingly cut their own roots; it is as if they no longer existed, as if they had never existed…



A film by Egidio Eronico

Genre: Animation

Written by Egidio Eronico and Pierfrancesco Prosperi

Illustrations by Leomacs

Produced by Andrea Stucovitz, Partner Media Investment

Coproduced by Looks Films

Project developed by Mibact Development fund and German-Italian Co-Production Development Fund

In development