Julie is a witty, bold and rebel 20 years old girl who wears bright yellow rubber gloves.
Always. Since both her parents have died, she lives off her inheritance and started a passive kind of rebellion based on her self-taught philosophy: “stay still”, don’t do, be or desire anything in life. In fact, the best way to fight against a society devoted only to produce and consume is to want… nothing. Still, she runs around doing whatever she likes and when she gets into trouble, she let’s herself being taken in Dr. Hermann’s psychiatric clinic. This is where she ends up again after having burned down a car. Only that this time Dr. Hermann, the good tempered but disillusioned head of the clinic, assigns Julie to Agnes, a new nurse.
Agnes is a young nurse with no particular ambition in life apart from avoiding any troubles and smoking one good joint a day. She has an impenetrable three year old daughter and a calm husband and she struggles to be the mother everybody expects her to be. Surely, she doesn’t like any responsibilities, least of all a young and difficult patient like Julie, but as Dr. Hermann reassures her: “nobody really expects you to succeed”. Despite the potential risk of finally having to show some interest in her job, Agnes is more and more intrigued by Julie’s attitude: the young girl is proud of doing nothing in her life, calls Dr. Hermann “the best pusher I’ve ever had” and helps a Llama escaping from a zoo and brings it to a rave in the forest.



Partner Media Investment was founded in 2006 by Andrea Stucovitz, who had a long experience in the cinema industry. Since then, it has produced theatrical films and documentaries, all international coproductions:

PMI is an independent production company that mainly focuses on arthouse projects.

In post-production: a film by Elisa Mishto.

In development: a film by Francesco Piras.